Sunflower the Second

Firstly I’d like to mention that Ashlee Willis‘s awesome book The Word Changers is on sale right now, ending tomorrow (August 22)!

So if you don’t have a copy of it yet hurry on over to Amazon where you can get a Kindle copy for only $0.99 – what a deal, right? (or a Nook version, if you’re a Barnes & Noble sort of person.)

I really loved the book and highly recommend it! (my review is here) Seriously, read it. You’ll not regret it. I loved that thing so much. ❀

Okay, on to the main post.

Shantelle of A Writer’s Heart tagged me with the Sunflower Award a good while back (yeah, it’s been a long time… >.>).

Although I’ve done it before, I thought I’d just go ahead and answer her questions for fun, leaving out the random-facts-and-tagging-people thing because I’ve run out of facts and I already tagged most people. πŸ˜‰

So I give you Sunflowers, Round 2!

Sunflower Award Button[5]
1 What is your favorite book (or one of them)?

The Lord of the Rings. After that, there gets to be too many favorites jostling each other for second place…

2 What is your favorite book genre?

Fantasy. Specifically, fantasy set in a medieval fantasy world; and if you want to refine it further, I’m partial to YA and childrens’, fairytale retellings, and Christian/allegorical fantasy, when it’s done right.

3 Do you prefer winter or summer?

Hmm… Where I live, summer means blindingly hot, degrees in the three-digits. And in the winter, though it sometimes gets cold, it basically never snows, so it’s just cold for no reason… So I’m really not sure. Spring or Autumn! πŸ™‚

4 Who is your favorite historical figure and why?

J. R. R. Tolkien. (He was historical, riiight?) Because he wrote my favorite book and lots of other fabulous things and overall just had a lot of really great things to say. (As well as his fiction, I really enjoy his Letters, and his essay On Fairy-Stories, and highly recommend them!)

5 A few movies you enjoy…?

The Lord of the Rings, Prince of Persia, The Avengers,Β Inception, How to Train Your Dragon (and HTTYD 2!), Tangled… The list goes on but I’ll stop there.

6 Do you like cake or pie better?

It depends on the cake or pie! Maybe cake. If it’s a moist chocolate one with delectable frosting… (Now I’m hungry!)

7 How would you rather read, on kindle or with paperback?

Hardback. XD But yes, actual printed pages are my reading mode of choice. I’ve recently started reading ebooks on my computer on a Kindle app, and after a lot of that, though I enjoy the books themselves (often very much!), I’m getting tired of reading on a screen and not being able to hold the book, or put it on my shelf with the rest of the books I’ve read this year when I finish it… I’ll always be a physical printed word person!

8 Who are two of your favorite authors?

J. R. R. Tolkien, and… Well, I usually have my top-five but if I had to pick two… Ack, it’s so hard. Right now I’ll pick Diana Wynne Jones because I’ve been reading her lately and she’s absolutely brilliant.

9 If you could live in any time period (past, present, or future) what would you choose?

Hmm… that’s hard. I wouldn’t want to do the future. And although a few time periods in the past appeal to me, I’m not sure I would actually want to LIVE there. I have a quote by me that I wrote down once when I was particularly fed up with something or other: “I hate living in 21st-century America! …But I have a feeling I wouldn’t survive anywhere else!” Heehee… So it would probably be a tossup between now and sometime in the late 1700s because of the clothes and the muskets and carriages and ships and things. (I’m writing a few stories set in worlds whose time periods are loosely based on 18th century Europe.)

10 Which do you like best, bright colors or pastels?

Probably pastels, I suppose… I’ve never been too into really bright colors.

11 Are you more of a casual type, or do you like to dress up?

In everyday, I’m a casual type. A plain shirt and a plain skirt usually do me, and I’ve never been too fussy about my appearance. However, I do LOVE to dress up in costumes and things when I get around to it!


Thanks so much for the tag, Shantelle! πŸ™‚

Be sure to check out her lovely blog, y’all!! She reviews books and does other awesome posts. ❀

8 thoughts on “Sunflower the Second

  1. Spring and autumn are definitely the best seasons πŸ™‚ I live in Missouri, and while it’s not in the 3-digits often, it’s muggy and miserable most summers all the same. We went on a walk tonight and I basically felt like someone was sitting on my chest. Ugh. Also … Tangled! So glad you mentioned that one instead of Frozen (which is also good, just not as good as Tangled, in my opinion πŸ™‚ )! Thanks for the shout-out, too, girlie!! I’m curious … when you’re not reading fantasy, what’s your second-favorite genre to read?


    • Ah yes, muggy is the worst. :-/

      And YES Tangled! It’s funny, today I was working on a blogpost for later, another tag, in which I talk about Frozen and Tangled. XD I enjoyed Frozen a TON, but Tangled was just wonderful. ❀ I'm not sure I "get" people who like Frozen more.

      You're welcome as always! ^_^

      Hmm. Interesting question… I suppose I'd have to say historical fiction. Maybe. But that's about as vague as "fantasy", so… Yeah. Now I'm thinking about it that's a very interesting topic. I may have to do a post on it at some point! πŸ™‚

      Thanks for your lovely comment! ❀


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  3. Those are great questions, and your answers are very interesting. You are completely correct about winter and summer. What’s the point of either of them? πŸ™‚ And yes, I would say Tolkien was historical! He has the quality of timelessness that will make his legacy last as long as people can read. “Kindles don’t have the kind of magic”—absolutely correct! Can you put a thin, flat, squarish little Kindle in a pretty picture like that, for example?
    I would be love to see a post about historical fiction!


  4. First of all, I really like that Chesterton quote! πŸ˜‰
    Secondly, Tolkien is historical–in a way. He’s vintage! ( yeah, like old wine or something) πŸ™‚
    Thirdly, I totally agree about 18th century stuff. That will always be my favorite period–with maybe some 1600s stuff. ( yeah, I’m still recovering from The Three Musketeers movie )
    I agree about weather. Texas has made mostly a spring and fall fan. Our winters and summers aren’t that cool. ( I did NOT mean a pun, there) πŸ˜‰


    • Yes! I’ve always loved that one. πŸ™‚ Yay 1700s! 1600s count in my list as well, probably, because of stuff like Captain Blood and, yes, Musketeers (such a fun movie.) And it’s cool to have someone who knows about Texas weather… πŸ˜‰


  5. A lovely post, Deborah, thanks for the link! πŸ™‚ As I read this, I was pondering again that we do have quite a few things in common, haha.
    I totally agree about the downs of kindle. I just love the feel of a paperback/hardback book, putting it on my shelf, looking at the pretty spine… yeah, πŸ™‚
    I still haven’t READ the Lord of the Rings books, (I know, shame on me), but I’m really enjoying the Hobbit movies as of now.
    About the muggy summers… I understand right about now. I just moved FROM the icy state of Minnesota to a far warmer place… and am now experiencing the muggy side of summer. I have a wish to live by a lake, πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Anyway… nice chatting! πŸ™‚


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