A Writing Road’s Beginning

As I mentioned, March 1st marked my 7-year anniversary of writing. I had actually been writing for awhile before that, but that was when I got serious about it.

I remember it vividly…

On that day, I was at Barnes & Noble, and I had brought along the printed copy of the 45 or so pages that formed my first real “book” at that time, and a pencil to make notes on it while I was waiting.

I don’t know what it was about that day…

Maybe it was the story itself, sitting there all nicely printed in my hands, waiting for me to decide what to do with it now that I was stuck.

Maybe it was the fact of being surrounded by books — all that inspiration, those pages between covers that form magical doorways to other worlds.

Maybe it had something to do with the memory of one Fourth of July when I was talking to a random lady and mentioned a story I had started once and given up on. She said that she too had started writing a story when she was young, about fairies, but had never finished. She regretted that, and told me I should go back to that story of mine and, no matter what, to finish it. (That was what made me return to it in the first place. I’m deeply indebted to her, whoever she was.)

Whatever it was, that first day of March in 2007 was the day I decided to be a writer.

That was when I took my pencil to my printed story-attempt and marked everything I needed to change or delete. I made the decision then and there that I was going to rewrite the story and actually finish it. And I did.

I’ve been a writer ever since.

For all you writers out there, when did you start and why?

12 thoughts on “A Writing Road’s Beginning

  1. I LOVE this! It’s SO special you remember the very day you became a serious writer. That’s amazing about a total stranger inspiring you like that. Isn’t it crazy how complete strangers can totally alter our lives?

    I’ve loved to write since I was 9, but I didn’t get really, really serious about it until my first NaNo in 2010, which I think I’ve told you before. It was after that NaNo that I realized writing really is what I want to do with my life, and I’ve been a crazy writer since! Hehe.


    • Yes! It’s so amazing. ^_^ I just wish I knew who she was. 😉 (Hey, maybe SHE was a fairy? :O Heehee).

      Yay for NaNo, then, because it’s so awesome that you write because you write such FANTASTIC stuff! 😀 2010 was also when I first started really paying attention to tracking my writing progress, so that was another good milestone. And of course my first NaNo as well. 😛


  2. It’s so funny what the woman said about not finishing her story! I went back and finished a story that I started at a very young age (like eight), and while it’s a strange story in some ways, it was great to finish it.


    • Oh neat! That story I mentioned I started when I was eight. XD There are several things I’ve started that I haven’t finished yet, mostly because I want to rewrite them first… But there’s just something wonderful about taking a project to its conclusion. 🙂


  3. This was a cute story. 🙂 I’m a big fan of people considering finishing the stories they thought of when they were first beginning as writers–cuz sometimes those plots are the best ones. Kids have endless imaginations. 🙂


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