Awesome Book Release!

I was so excited when I saw THIS POST that I just had to share it!

A good blogger friend just published her marvelous Cinderella retelling, Alyce (which is free on Kindle until April 9th)!

Sarah Scheele is a great writer with a delightful dry wit, and this story is an original version of Cinderella with fantastic twists that are very unexpected. I also found it to be hilarious. Love it!

And check out the amazing cover…

Seriously, it doesn’t get any more gorgeous than that. ❤

Also free for a couple days is Jurant, a sci-fi story she wrote that’s just incredible.

I reread it yesterday and ended up accidentally staying up till 2 a.m. because I had to finish it (and I’d even read it before). You’ll want to check that out as well! It also contains one of my all-time-favorite fictional characters . . .

And for the matter of that, Alyce too has a marvelous cast! I’m currently having a lot of fun rereading it.

Happy Monday!