Twelve Dancing Princesses

I want to stay on my Tuesday-blogging schedule, and true to last week’s post resolution, I’m going to post something even though I don’t have an elaborate post topic in mind. So…

I would do a random post about what I’m working on writing, but since things are somewhat quiet on the writing front (working on a million and one little projects and not actively writing anything) I’m going to talk about my latest book obsession. We all have those, right? Some topic or other that you suddenly decide is the best thing every and go on a quest to find lots of them to read… Be it King Arthur, or a particular genre, or books about cats, or whatever. Or is it just me?

My latest… Well, look at the title for a clue. 😉 A few brief years ago I discovered this fairytale “The Twelve Dancing Princesses” in a collection we had lying around, and was instantly hooked. Why, I asked, had I never heard of it before?? I decided it was the coolest fairytale ever. I mean, all those princesses swirling around in their gorgeous dresses, a mystery, a handsome soldier (or gardener… it seems to vary…), and an enchanted underground or other-worldly palace thing… What’s not to like? The imagery and the idea and everything just captured me.

Skip awhile, and one day I saw a book on Goodreads:

I noticed it was a novel-length retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses, and found our library had it, so I got it and read it… and was instantly hooked. Even more than I had been. I loved it. It was the REAL version to me. (Also GALEN. <3)

Then this week I read another novelized version of the story…

It was likewise awesome and likewise THE version that really happened. I know, I can’t decide… (Also LORD BRADFORD. ❤ And… others. I loved all the characters…)

It’s the perfect thing for picture books too…

I looked it up on Wikipedia… and places… and I made a Goodreads shelf

I’m determined to try to read as many versions as I can get my hands on.

I’m rather obsessed.

What’s your favorite fairytale? Or latest obsession in books?