It Begins…


Hello there, vast and sparkly world . . . Oh, and all the people in it, too! *waves*

Welcome! Pull up a chair or take up some couch-space, or even sit on the tiger rug by the fireplace (I’m sure he won’t mind—he’s very obliging). There are refreshments on the table over there and the drawbridge is drawn to keep out pesky distractions. Make yourself comfortable and stick around—it will get boring around here without you!

This is where I will talk about writing, books, music, and . . . whatever else comes to mind. Hopefully in an interesting fashion—however remote of a chance there may be of that—and I hope you enjoy it!

But before we reach that point, I fear we must ask the baffling question: Who am I? A very baffling question indeed. The normal answer would be “My name is Deborah. With an ‘h’.” But that does not come much closer to showing who I am other than the fact that I pay close attention to spelling—perhaps enough to annoy people . . .

I suppose the easy answer is “a writer”, but that is a bit vague. (Anyone who ever used a pencil could be called that, I suppose.) I love writing, mostly fantasy and mostly novels. I’ve finished 3 novels and a handful of short stories, and am in the midst of numerous other works. I love my characters, of which I have far too many, who live in my head and manage to make my life . . . interesting. I have far too many stories in the works—over a dozen novels, a smattering of novellas, and far too many short stories to think about. Which brings us to the next obvious step: that I’m a little crazy. (Okay, maybe more than a little . . .)

I also have an obsession with lovely gliding pens. And blank journals. Lots and lots of gorgeous, inspirational journals. Don’t judge; you know you love them too.


I enjoy: composing occasional songs and poetry (the rhyming kind); playing music (on penny whistle, piano, and accordion); drawing (mostly people and animals); and photography. I suppose you could say I lean toward artistic things. Though I should be careful how far I lean, lest I fall on top of it all and break everything . . .

I use ellipses and parenthesis far too often (as you’ve no doubt noticed . . .). I’m a fastidious punctuator and perfectionist, and am very particular about slaying every typo I come across. (Watch, now that I’ve said that, there will be one I’ve missed in this post.)

I believe that is enough to start out with. Now that you know more about me than you could possibly wish to know, I believe this brings the introduction to a close. You may all (or, both of you) return to whatever useful, amusing, or even boring things you were doing before my blog so rudely distracted you. Though before you go I would be immensely delighted if you would leave a comment. 🙂

I shall merely shout my writer-war-cry and be off. “Onward to new horizons! Horizons never seen, horizons merely dreamed of, horizons that have but been glimpsed . . . Onward!”

Thank you so much for stopping by! I plan to post here once a week, and I hope you’ll join me as I travel The Road of a Writer . . .


14 thoughts on “It Begins…


    I love it! LOOOOVE IT! It’s so gorgeous! All the pretty forest and road things and such. It’s so Celti! This is FANTASTIC!

    Also this post totally made me smile. You’re always so witty.



  2. What a fun introductory post! I’m so happy you’re in the blogging world now. 🙂 I can already tell that yours will be one of my favorite blogs. I didn’t see any typos … I think you caught them all. I share your aversion! And I do love blank journals … unfortunately I do most of my writing on the computer so I don’t get to use them very often. I didn’t know you were working on that many stories! Amazing how you keep them all straight. Well, those are just a few of my impressions, but I do say, Welcome!


    • Thanks so much!! I enjoy your blog as well! ^_^ The blogging world is very interesting so far…

      Yay journals — I’m glad you like them too. 🙂 I had the same problem for years until I started a writing journal specifically for random ideas. But I still have tons of empty ones, and I STILL collect them. XD

      It’s the reverse for me: I’m amazed at people like you who can stick with one story until it’s finished. Infinitely smarter! 😀


  3. This is a really really great first post! So fun and awesome and nice and welcoming (and I should habe said something sooner but stupid me could not find the comments. …)


  4. Ah, isn’t it lovely when you start something and can’t help but feel remarkably excited for the possibilities to come? I look forward to seeing what you have in store for your blog. You’ll discover wonderful things about yourself during your journey, and your audience will be there to watch you grow, every step along the way.


  5. I love this. “Deborah” with that all important “h”, huh? Just like “Anne” with an “e.” And you just made me smile as much as she does! 😀

    Aren’t lovely gliding pens the best?! Pencils… icky! :p Pens will endure for time immemorable. Just like this blog! I’m anticipating many more delightful blog posts!


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